Pursuant to § 31.00 Subdivision 11 of the Appleton City Code


The City Administrator shall be the chief procurement officer for the City (CPO). All City purchases and contracts shall be made or executed by the City Administrator when the amount involved does not exceed any limit set by City Council resolution. The City Administrator may establish purchasing thresholds for departments not to exceed purchasing limits established by the City Council. The City Administrator may delegate purchasing officer duties for departments or extensions of the City. The City Administrator will provide recommendation to the City Council for all other purchases that it executes on behalf of the City. All purchase contracts above the amount set by City Council resolution, all other contracts, bonds and instruments of any kind to which the City is a party shall be signed by the Mayor and the City Administrator on behalf of the City and shall be executed in the name of the City. The City Council may, by ordinance, adopt further regulations for the making of bids and the executing of contracts including, but not limited to, regulations authorizing project life cycle or total cost bidding.


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